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My mission is to capture your whole world with no stress. 

Let me help you, leave your legacy.  I provide all sessions outdoors, and in studio. 

All you need to do is bring yourself and we take care of the rest. 

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I accept all major credit cards, and Cash. Payments plans available for every session except Minis/Petite Sessions. 

I look forward to working with you :)

Below you will find all our prices and what is included in each package. There are no hidden fees. We will not give you a different price after your session is complete. We believe in transparency. Each package is listed with the price and what's included for that price. If you want extra digitals, prints, etc.. then those can be purchased separately. 


up to 60 minutes -  $350

Maternity sessions are perfect to leave your legacy. You are about to start a whole new branch for your family. Many years from now, your family will look back and see where it all started. The start of a whole new family tree and it begins with YOU!

I will help you celebrate this moment and capture your essence that begins this new legacy. I will help dress you, pose you and partner. I will take care of you from start to finish. 99% of the moms that come to me have no idea how to pose, so no worries that's why I am here.

I offer Maternity sessions that include access to 50+ gowns plus accessories. All you need to do is bring your undergarments.

Family and other children are welcome to join at no extra charge.

Sessions can be done outdoors (even if its cold) and in studio at the same price. For outdoor sessions we do have a changing tent that may be used during the session.

The best time to come in is during 28 to 34 weeks. The belly is typically the roundest at this time. During booking you will be able to choose which location you prefer, studio, park, beach, etc.. For outdoor sessions, we have a pop-up changing tent for Mom to use to change as we move from location to location.

A typical one hour session the average person can get through anywhere from 3 to 4 dresses (each with their own look/background for in studio sessions) while others can get through 5-6, it all depends on how Mama is feeling and how well she can move around and how much she can tolerate. Along with dresses, we have fabric swing, wings, and fabric draping. For outdoor sessions, we can typically get through 3 dresses in the one hour, since changing in a tent is a little harder to do.

We recommend wearing nude undergarments and strapless bras. If you need help with this we can always send you links to the most popular undergarments we see. We do not provide makeup or hair styling. We do not provide undergarments. We do not provide clothing for family members.

Also included, is editing, if you choose, I will take care of stretch marks, bruises, scars, acne, etc.. Please know that Maternity images do take a little longer to edit compared to other sessions. This is because I like to had my own artistic details into the images, reflections, water, etc.. If you want just your images as is, then editing time is shorter.

An extra editing fee of $25 per image only applies if Mama decides to wear neon colored undergarments and wants the colored changed to match or wearing solid bra straps (not clear) and want the straps removed. This fee also applies to any images where you would like the clothing changed. For example, Dad comes in with Purple Pants and you want the pants to be black or to have a logo removed.

Fine Art Images also may be purchased during booking for an additional $50 per 2 images. Fine Art images are the fantasy digital backdrops. Fine art images can not be purchased once the session is complete.

Follow the link to view out Maternity Closet


During booking, you will be asked on the questionnaire some of the things we do in studio. You get to check off what you will be interested in, this will help us better prepare the studio for your session. Here you will find examples https://www.lightessencephotography.com/maternity-questionnaire-examples

Maternity Session Includes:

All Completed Maternity Sessions receive $50 off a Full Newborn Session.

I do not give or sell any RAW or UN-EDITED images, these images do not represent my final work. You will only receive the fully retouched digital images you chose from your session. 

Newborn Session - (5 days to 30 days) 

up to 2.5 hours — $375

LEP Studio - 362 Spring St Fall River, MA

The best time to book your session is in your 3rd trimester before the baby is born. If the baby is already here, please contact us for availability or follow the link to view our calendar Newborn Calendar

Advanced booking guarantees you a weekday spot during the week of your choice. This is the perfect way to ensure you are able to be seen when the baby is still new.

Newborn session are for babies that are no more than 4 weeks old at time of session date.

I offer Newborn sessions in studio only. Newborn sessions are typically done during the week. This is to ensure; our studio is sanitized before and after every newborn session. All outfits, wraps and backdrops are washed. All props and other equipment are wiped down with Lysol/Clorox wipes. Headbands are sprayed with Lysol disinfectant.

During your shoot, I will have set ups pre made with your preferred themes/colors upon your arrival.  I have a wide range of clothing, wraps and costumes for the baby as well. They are all washed after each use. Typical session includes 5+ different set ups, 3 with outfits, 2 wrapped and 1 on the bean bag. Depending on the baby's tolerance more may be completed. 

Then we will finish the session with a mini family session at the end.

I do offer Petite Newborn Session if that is more of an interest.  Petite Newborn Calendar

We recommend coming in within the first 10 days. During this time, the babies are very sleepy and tolerant to all positions and can be easily settled and put back to sleep.

Please be advised the older the baby, the less they will tolerate. Most babies over 14 days old tend to be awake throughout their session and do not tolerate many of the poses. Also, many of the poses are no longer safe for them as they are building muscle. I will never force a baby into a position they do not like. Also, to maintain the integrity of my outfits and props, use of props and outfits for babies over 9lbs will be at our discretion to avoid outfits from being stretched or props tipping over. If your baby is over 4 weeks old, please refer to our baby portrait session.

Since we do see babies older than 14 days, we often run into the cluster feeding phase. Typically during this time (typically days 12-18) babies want nothing to do with us and just want to eat the whole time. In the event, the baby can't be settled within the first hour, you do have the option to reschedule. In our experience, if a baby will not settle, your photos will not come out great.

Please see add-ons for twins, triplets, etc.. (Every additional baby is $100 with an additional 5 images)

To preview some available themes visit, https://www.lightessencephotography.com/newborn-themes

but keep in mind no 2 set ups are exactly alike.

Newborn Session includes: 

*please note Maternity discount is not valid on petite Newborn Sessions. 

I do not give or sell any RAW or UN-EDITED images, these images do not represent my final work. You will only receive the fully retouched digital images you chose from your session. 

Baby Portraits (1 months to One Year)

up to 1 hour -  $250 

Looking to capture your babies first year? This session is intended for babies 1 months to one year. Set ups are simple. Just the backdrop, and baby. Add-ons can be purchased to make setups more magical.

For babies that are 1-3 months all photos will be from top down. This will ensure babies safety while still creating gorgeous images of your baby. Parents will be able to pick colors of sets that will be created for baby.

I have several different backgrounds to use and you are always welcome to bring in your own props to create your own theme or to add décor to a given theme. During your in studio shoot, I will have set ups pre made with your preferred colors upon your arrival.

This sites will show you what I have available. Also visit our social media sites for more ideas. Please visit https://www.lightessencephotography.com/sitter-session-backgrounds.

Please note, package does not include clothing or décor, just the prop the baby will sit in. Parents must provide clothing for the session. If you would like us to provide clothing please see add-on.

Package includes the following:

Family Photos can be added for an additional $50.

I do not give or sell any RAW or UN-EDITED images, these images do not represent my final work. You will only receive the fully retouched digital images you chose from your session. 

Cake Smash - (For 6months (must be able to sit unassisted). 1st, 2nd & 3rd Birthday)

up to 1 hour — $375

LEP Studio - 362 Spring St, Fall River, MA

Celebrate your little one's birthday with a cake smash! Whether they are turning one or three, each birthday is a time to celebrate their growth and accomplishments.

I customize your cake smash session to fit your choice of theme from our available themes.  I have several themes available or I can create a completely new theme for an additional cost. Cake Smash session can have simple décor or I can go all out. The choice is yours!

First we start with portrait pictures with a clean baby. Then we move on to the big event the cake smash. Lastly, we have bubble bath time to clean up the baby. A Cake smash session is customized to the very last detail. We provide, 2 outfits, one for portraits and one to use during the cake smash part (girls wear rompers, boys wear a colored diaper cover with suspenders), along with a custom cake. As always, you are always welcome to bring your own outfits if you prefer.

I provide everything for the session, and will order everything. All you have to do it come with a happy baby!

Available themes can be viewed here:


Session Includes:

I do not give or sell any RAW or UN-EDITED images, these images do not represent my final work. You will only receive the fully retouched digital images you chose from your session. 


up to 1 hour - $250

It is important to capture all those precious moments and milestones over the years. We all grow older including our children and I believe in capturing all those little stages in life that we celebrate.

Whether its group portraits (family/friends), individual portraits (just you), birthday celebrations, etc.. this package is for you.

Portraits are perfect to capture your own celebration/birthday, immediate family or extended family.

Portraits can be done on location, we will travel anywhere that is within 30 minutes from Fall River, outside of the 30 minutes an extra $50 charge applies (please see add-on) or session can be in studio.

Session Includes:

*Please note due to the size of our studio, we can no accommodate large family group pictures.

I do not give or sell any RAW or UN-EDITED images, these images do not represent my final work. You will only receive the fully retouched digital images you chose from your session. 

Once Upon a Time...

Packages Starting at $150

Do you have a little one that loves princesses, fairies and princes? This session will transform your little one into just that. This session is not the same as our Annual Fairy Tale Mini Session. This session is done only in studio. We are not affiliated with Enchanted Fairies INC.

I do not give or sell any RAW or UN-EDITED images, these images do not represent my final work. You will only receive the fully retouched digital images you chose from your session. 

Customize your own baby plan

What's important to you? We know everyone has their own belief of what is important to them and what they would like captured. So we decided what better way to honor this than to come up with Baby's first year plan. 

Mini Sessions - 2023

Valentines Mini - Closed

Easter Mini - Closed

Easter Bunny - Closed

SuperHero Mini - Closed

Fairy Tale Mini - Closed

Mermaid Mini

Family Christmas Mini

Santa at LEP

Christmas Piano Mini

Hot Chocolate Mini

2023 - Additional Product Pricing

Framed Photos 

(Prints for frames must be purchased separately)