Maternity Client Closet

Our client closet is always growing!

(we also have accessories available: rhinestone belts, floral belts and floral crowns)

Please be advised stock images may differ in person. 

Some dresses are not available for outdoor shoots 

Available in Black, white, blue, navy blue, red and pink 

Available in pink, blue, white, black and red. Available with long tail and short tail and with or without top lace. 

Red, red with sleeve, and blue

Available in blue, purple, peach and white

Available in white, pink, and black

Also available in black

Available in pink and red

Available in pink and blue

Available in white and black 

Bodysuit also available in nude, red, black, white, blue and pink

Available in black, white, yellow and green

Also available in Mauve

Plus Size Gowns - (3x - 4x)

In Studio Dresses Only

Available in pink, baby blue and blue 

In studio use only

Some of the larger accessories

(not pictured - Hats (black,brown,white), new crowns)


Draping Examples  - (we have multiple colors available)

Coming Soon - July 2023 

(purchase site pictures below, dress color may vary upon arrival, listed purchase color below picture)



Emerald Green