Why Me? 

My name is Alex. I am the owner/founder and photographer of Light Essence Photography. Thank you for considering me to be your photographer. It truly is an honor. 

Biggest question I get is where the name came from. Well, my kids and I just rolled with it. We are a small business run by myself and my husband. Because of the name some think we are a corporation. Maybe one day we will be :)

I have always loved photography since I was a child. I loved taking photos and having the film developed. The best part was, picking up my pictures and seeing what I created. I take pictures everywhere I go. It could be of things, I am doing with my family or something that I see interesting. Over the past 20 years, I would take pictures for family, friends and friends of friends, including their weddings, newborns and all those precious moments in between. Going public at the time seemed scary to me, but I finally decided to take the leap in 2021.

I love being creativity and seeing the smiling faces of others when they see themselves after in the photo. I had to take some time off from photography and handle my health. But during this time I was able to enhance my knowledge and become well educated in photography. Since photography was the only thing that made me feel whole and gave me a sense of myself. As soon as I recovered and deemed to be in remission, I decided life is too short to give up on your passion and jumped into creating my business what it is today. 

So why choose me? Well to me, it is not just about clicking a button, it's about the love that goes into each photograph and capturing the feeling. I did not just buy a camera and decide I am a photographer now. I loved photography but I sought the education needed to master the craft. This education taught me lighting, poses, consistency and most importantly safety. I do not just throw a filter on my pictures and call it a day. I put all of me into each photo I create. I create sets that bring your vision and mine to life. I enjoy posing people and perfecting the shot before I ever pick up my camera. I tend to end up in people's bubbles while fixing their hair, outfit, pose, etc.. Then during editing, I look at every inch of each photo and hand edit all the photos myself. I remove all objects or people that are not pleasing to the eye, such as cars, random poles. I also like to add little creative touches to make a beautiful image, because nature doesn't always provide the most colorful beautiful backdrops we dream of. I am very OCD about this part of the process. This ensures my product is consistent and exactly how it should look. 

I am a mom of two teenagers. I fully understand the struggle of capturing children and newborns. That is where I come in. I am proud to say I have been dubbed by past clients as the baby whisper, which is an honor to say the least. I am an Accredited, Licensed and Insured Newborn Photographer along with being First Aid and CPR trained. I am constantly seeking new educational opportunities to ensure you receive the best photographs and all those little smiles are captured. It is very important to me to stay up to date on the ever changing practices on newborn safety and prenatal risks and safety. After all I am being entrusted with some ones most treasured person, their child. 

Where did I get my training? I went to Lesley University, where I obtained a degree in Psychology with a minor in Photography. I loved both subjects and they both help me read people’s body language. I then became an Accredited Newborn Photographer. I like to stay up to date by attending different workshops and classes. Knowledge is Power.  With my education and all my years of photographing experience, I believe contribute to beautiful photos with comfortable, natural smiles.

Meet the Team


Some have already met my husband Steve, as he often would help here and there, but now he is on board with me full-time. He is answering messages, booking appointments and trying to learn as much as he can. Steve handles all things customer service. Steve has grown so much over the past year, along with customer service Steve now edits mini sessions, cake smashes and portrait sessions. Steve's favorite sessions are cake smashes. He really will do anything to make your child smile


Tania works with me on the weekends, part-time. She has been with me since the beginning and has grown so much along the way. Tania is also the Portuguese translator. She loves dressing all the girls for their maternity shoots and ensuring they feel like the goddesses they are. 

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