Newborn Themes*

The best time to come in for your newborn sessions is within the first 14 days of life. 

(Newborn sessions are intended for babies 21 days or less. We do take babies up to 30 days with modifications to poses, sets used and outfits.)

Please know it is nearly impossible for us to display all the different setups we have or able to create. Some sets have been updated with new props or decor but still will have the same overall look. 

Boys Bears



Floral Round Swing* (can be done in different colors, top branch can be added in)


Girl Bear


Greenery Swing*


Hot Air Balloon

Jungle with Swing*


Moon/Stars - Blue/yellow

(older babies will be placed differently in the moon)

Nightmare before Christmas



Spa with Tub

(set up for bigger babies will look different)

Spa with chair*

Tiffany with Bed

Tiffany with Car*

Winnie the Pooh*

Girl Toy Story

Boy Toy Story

Princess Carriage (metal)

Bears with Basket

Branch Swing

Burlap Moon*

Moon/stars - white/yellow

(older babies will be placed differently in the moon)

Snow White

White/Gold Princess Carriage* Simple

Winne the Pooh - Honey Pot*


Branch Swing (Flowers can be added, different colors can be used)

White/Gold Princess Carriage* Castle 


Walk-in Closet


Harry Potter (wrap)

Harry Potter Bed (taken by phone)


Pool Side

*These setups range from babies being no more than 10 days old or no more than 14 days old. 


(these are only some examples. Classic photos are created by using the colors you select.)


(these set ups are created based on the colors chosen. These are just some examples. We do not wrap babies over a month old)

Beanbag Examples


(these are digitally created images. These can be purchased at the start of the session for an additional $35 each. Full Library can be seen in studio)

Parents Photos Examples